Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. ...Hippocrates

Gout: Vitamin C Supplement Intake Reduces Serum Uric Acid Level

A systematic review of human studies on the effect of vitamin C supplement intake on serum uric acid level, which increases risk of gout, found that vitamin C supplementation was associated with serum uric acid level reduction in 8 out of 13 studies.

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Gout Causes: Low purine/uric acid diet cookbooks and gout related books

The gout cookbooks contain about 100 recipes (breakfast, appetizers, beverages, main dishes, sides, sauces, desserts) and lists of foods allowed and not allowed for people with gout.

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Gout Causes: Coffee intake is associated with lower serum uric acid

Canadian researchers report that drinking 4 to 6 cups of coffee daily, compared with no coffee, was associated with reduced serum uric acid levels and incidence of hyperuricemia.

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Uric acid: A new look at an old risk marker for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes

The topical role of uric acid and its relation to cardiovascular disease, renal disease, and hypertension is rapidly evolving. Its important role both historically and currently in the clinical clustering phenomenon of the metabolic syndrome (MS), type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), atheroscleropathy, and non-diabetic atherosclerosis is of great importance.

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Alcohol increases gout risk, a study finds.

Scientists have at last proved that drinking increases the odds of getting gout - but the level of risk depends on your tipple of choice.

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Health Benefits of Garlic: A Review

Garlic has been widely recognized as an agent for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and other metabolic diseases, atherosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes. Read more...


Nutrition and Cancer: A Review of The Evidence for An Anti-cancer Diet

It has been estimated that 30–40 percent of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and dietary measures alone. Read more...