More on gout and diet:

Purines and uric acid content in beef, pork and chicken
Purines and uric acid content in vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy products
Purines and uric acid content in fish and seafood
Gout causes, diagnosis, symptoms, and cure
Food high/low in uric acid
Gout Causes: Food High in Purines and Uric Acid, and Alcohol
Gout and diet: Serum uric acid level and coffee and tea intake
Low purine diet cookbooks and gout related books

Blood uric acid, cardiovacular disease and diabetes:
Uric acid, cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus
uric acid, background
Serum uric acid, hypertension and metabolic syndrome
Serum uric acid, obesity and hyperglycemia
Serum uric acid and antioxidant or pro-oxidant activity
Serum uric acid, inflammation and renal disease
Hyperuricemia and nutritional approach



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