Lysine is one of the essential amino acids one needs to obtain from dietary sources, including supplements.

One of the known health benefits of lyine is in the treatment of herpes simplex virus infections. Lysine is known to speed up the healing process of herpes. It also makes herpes less severe and also lowers chances of it coming back.

Lysine is also necessary for protein and carnitine production in the body.

Lysine Daily Requirements

Lysine requirement is different for different age groups, gender and body condition. The Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI), the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) and Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA), for lysine for healthy individuals are presented in the chart below. The recommendations are according the US Food and Nutrition Board.

The EAR refers to the daily average amount estimated to be sufficient for the average (median) healthy person. The RDA refers to the daily average estimated to be sufficient for most healhty individuals.

For infants of 0 - 6 months old, there is only Adequate Intake recommendation. It is 107 mg lysine per kg body per day.

Age, gender, life stage group Lysine EAR (mg/kg/day)  Lysine RDA (mg/kg/day)
0–6 month  --  --
7–12 month  62  89
1–3 years  45  58
4–8 years  37  46
9–13 years  35  43
14–18 years  32  40
9–13 years  37  46
14–18 years  35  43
Adult Men and Women
19 and older  31  38
Pregnant Women
All ages  41  51
Lactating Women
All ages  42  52