Alcoholic drinks contain purines. The content varies depending on the ingredients used for the drink, process and ultimately the alcohol content.

There is strong association between high consumption of alcoholic drinks and uric acid levels in the blood, and consequently gout.

Below are estimates of purine content in some alcoholic drinks, analyzed by British researchers and USDA researchers. The USDA researchers reviewed and gathered the data from various studies.

Purine content in alcoholic drinks (beer)

Alcoholic drinks Total purine content(mg/100ml)
Traditional British beers 2.03 - 2.75
Guinness 2.38
Lager beer 1.77
Home-brewed beer 0.39
Cider 0.04
Wine 0.0


Beer types
Total purine content(mg/100ml)
Dark beer 13.5
Pils beer 9.8
Wheat beer 8.05
Radler beer 3.6
Malt beverage, non-alcoholic beer 2.9


Purine content in alcoholic drinks (liquor)

Liquor types
Total purine content(mg/100ml)
Shoko-shu 9.7
Sake 1.4
Wine 1.2
Brandy 0.33
Ume liqueur 0.2
Whiskey 0.2
Shochu 0.0


Purine content in seasonings

Food items Total purine content (mg/100g)
Spirulina 1076.8
Oyster sauce 134.4
Rice bran 100.2
Honey 68.7
Soy sauce, light color 55.3
Soy sauce, dark color 45.2
Barbecue sauce 14.9


Purine content in supplements

Supplements Total purine content (mg/100g)
Chlorella 3182.7
Beer yeast 2995.7
Beer yeast product 1206.2
Royal jelly 403.4
Chondroitin and Beer yeast 186.1
Soy isoflavone 6.9


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