Total dietary fiber refers to the total cell wall components in the plant. Dietary fiber is not digested by the endegenous enzymes in human intestine. Dietary fiber is known to have health benefits including against diabetes mellitus type II, constipation, canceretc.

Soluble fiber refers to the dietary fiber components that are soluble in water.

Insoluble fiber refers to the dietary fiber components that are insoluble in water.

The following tables contain lists of vegetables, fruits and legumes and estimates of their total dietary fiber, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber content. The fiber content of the foods was estimated on fresh weight basis of the plant part. It should be noted that fiber content of vegetables, fruits or any plant part varies owing to many factors such growth condition (climate, soil, etc), time of harvest, species, etc.

The following tables have lists of fruits and vegetables ordered from the high to low total dietary fiber content.

Table 1: List of vegetables with their insoluble, soluble, and total fiber content (g/ 100 g edible food portion).

Fiber Food Source Insoluble Fiber Soluble fiber
Total dietary fiber
Bitter gourd 13.5 3.1 16.6
Field beans 9.3 2.1 11.4
Broad beans 7.3 0.8 8.3
Beet root 5.4 2.4 7.8
Cluster beans 6.1 0.6 6.7
Green plantain 5.8 0.2 6.0
Carrot 4.1 1.6 5.7
Fenugreek leaves 4.2 0.7 4.9
Lady fingers 3.0 1.3 4.3
Cauliflower 3.5 0.7 4.2
Spinach 3.5 0.6 4.1
Potato 2.6 0.6 3.2
French beans 3.0 0.1 3.1
Onion 0.9 1.1 2.0


Table 2: List of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds with their insoluble, soluble, and total fiber content (g/ 100 g edible food portion).

Fiber source Insoluble fiber content
Soluble fiber content
Total fiber content
Kiwi 2.61 0.80 3.39
Apple, with skin 2.00 0.70 2.70
Banana 1.80 0.60 2.40
Pear 1.10 1.30 2.40
Strawberry 1.70 0.60 2.30
Peach 1.20 0.80 2.00
Mango 1.06 0.74 1.80
Plum, freh 0.70 0.80 1.50
Pineaple, fresh 1.10 0.10 1.20
Grapes 0.60 0.40 1.00
Pomegranate 0.49 0.11 0.60
Watermelon 0.30 0.20 0.50
Nuts, seeds
Flax seed 10.15 12.18 22.33
Almonds 10.10 1.10 11.20
Sesame seed 5.89 1.90 7.79
Brazil nuts 4.10 1.30 5.40


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